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CYS Office Staff

General Manager
Technical Director
House League Club Head Coach
Programs Manager
Office Staff
Office Staff
Derek Bridgman
Darren Tilley
Jon Morgan
Kaela Ponte
Christine Griffths
Hayley McGoldrick
Alexis Hahn
Kaela Ponte

2017 Board of Directors

Vice President
Senior House League
Junior House League
Indoor & Tournament
Dave McGoldrick
Tony Bellissimo
Nik Chhelavda
Walter Booth
Charlie Vella
Frank Rocha
Dean Carr
Peter Stachowiak

Development Staff

Club Head Referee
Referee Advisor
Doug Paterson
John Barrie

A Message from CYS Rep Director Walter Booth

If your team has a website and you would like it linked to the CYS webpage please send the site’s link to [email protected].

Please note: CYS has a Team Website Policy which will be monitored by CYS Staff to ensure adherence to any privacy related issues.

As all websites are required to be password protected past the homepage. CYS will require your team’s password to ensure websites are compliant.

Please forward your password along with the link.

To view the Team Website Policy please Click Here.

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